Happy New Year to all my Liza~kuks family. We bless God for how far He has brought us. We pray He sees us through this year in one piece and in good health.

Are New Year resolutions important?

Over the years, I used to get a journal to write all I want to achieve during the new year. And the question has always been if I did attain anything from the list. Though I do not always follow them, I intend to still write my goals down. I personally feel that new year resolutions keep us in check. They help us realise that we do have goals to meet. So today I’m going to share a few of mine with you.

  • To worry less and pray more

This is my top New Year resolution. 2017 was a roller-coaster ride. It drained me to the soul. I was too stressed and that took a toll on my prayer life. Towards the end of the year, I became much more prayerful.

Story time: May 2017, during my exams period four out of five of my papers were horrible. I came out of these four papers with tears in my eyes. I knew I was failing though the results were not even out. You know that feeling when you write a paper (despite the fact that you prayed and studied) so you know nothing good will come out of it. That was me! Guess what, by July 2017, my life was a testimony. I was so worried that I didn’t realise the God I was serving. I had worked so hard and prayed but my faith was so little. July 2017 was a turning point. I began to pray more and so this 2018 I intend to worry less, pray more and exercise more faith. Who is with me on this? #Lizakuksfaithexercise

  • Less stress, more happiness

I laugh when I write this. My 2018 is packed with so much work prior to graduation. I know the workload, exams and dissertation that I have, but through it all, I want to decide to be much happier than stressed.

With my blog & vlog, I stress whenever I realise i have less views and less subscribers.   Hence, I choose to be happy and enjoy the journey than to be stressed.

With PWF, I got no sponsors on board so no finances which brought headache and stress but this year I choose to do my part, pray and be happy with what I can do to make the kids smile.

  • Taking out negative minded people

Oh my! Please add this to your list. Such people can drag you to the pit. Dream killers, negative minded people, gossips, amongst others will get you ruined. I intend to stick with just my small circle of friends who stood with me in 2017. Negative minded people will just not help me this new year.

These are just three of my new year resolutions that I would love to share.

Heads up:

  • Write all the goals down, and please pray on them. Most importantly don’t place so much pressure on yourself. If you can do just three things on the list by the end of the year just thank God.
  • Be ready to face challenges when following your list or new year resolutions. There will be so many barriers that you will encounter once you decided to reach these goals but be strong in the Lord.
  • Be ready for God to make changes at anytime to the list you have. He is the ultimate and His will is what will be done in your life not yours. So be prepared for him to make changes.

Have a splendid week












Author: lizakuks

Liza is a student, humanitarian and inspirational blogger and vlogger. Let's keep in touch on any of my social media pages. I am ever ready to chat with you

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  1. I completely agree with you regarding the importance of writing our goals for this new year. It just helps us be more focused on what we want to achieve. May God bless Liza Kuks!!! 😘

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