I hope everyone is doing great! I can’t help but speak of how I’ve struggled to find what to write about this year. Nevertheless, I have been praying and I have finally decided to write about FEAR.

I know many are wondering why fear?  It is the one thing that can stop you from taking risks, making bold decisions, leaving your comfort zone and standing your grounds. I am starting a series on it and I pray and hope that you will be blessed by it.

I am kick starting this series with one kind of fear that I once heard a prominent preacher speak about; the fear of being a novice or being too young.

A novice according to the dictionary is a person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation. I decided to start with this because I have found myself relating more when it comes to the feeling of being novice or feeling too young to go for something.

In the Ghanaian or African society, you will find that a child may try to reach his or her goals and many a times adults or parents dim the child’s dreams all in the name of “you are too young.” This has taken a better part of many of us. We tend not to be confident to make decisions because we are scared that someone will shut us out or tell us we are” mpaninsem” which in English means acting too old at a young age.

When I wanted to start my charity organisation, fear set in. I was scared, and I wanted to wait till I was older in my late twenties or thirties- when I have a good paying job and living a luxurious life, all because I felt I was too young and inexperienced to go for it. I had to break that fear. I had to speak to myself. Then, I wasn’t as prayerful like I am now, but I remember saying a prayer after my 18th birthday and finally decided to go for it. Guess what, I had a dream that confirmed what step to take.

Sometimes, it’s about speaking to yourself. That is my first tip!

People will speak about how young you are to have that job. Others will say you do not deserve it because of your lack of experience or education. We sometimes find ourselves in societies where a man being rich as young as 25 is attributed to occultism or fraud and a woman being successful around that same age being attributed to her sleeping around for money. Why won’t fear grasp the younger generation and stop them from standing  firm and chasing after their dreams? Even when you are called by God, people rarely listen because to them, you are too young for it. In Jeremiah 1:7,  “The LORD replied, “Don’t say, ‘I’m too young,’ for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you.”


Aside speaking to yourself and believing in yourself, I would urge you to pray. Adults will always share their opinions, however the most important voice to listen to is that of God. Ask yourself what is the Lord saying about that job you want to get with your lack of experience? What does He think about you starting that church, buying that car and owning that house? Once God is cool, you are covered.

As seen in the Bible, Baalam said unto Balak in Numbers 23:20 “I have been instructed to bless, and when God blesses I cannot call it back.” That’s it! That fear has to leave for that dream to be established, that fear must leave for that prophecy to see the light. If young kings as Jehoash and Josiah didn’t allow fear to take the better part of them, why should you? What stops you from setting up that business if you have God? It isn’t all about getting many degrees because fear can set in at any point in your life. Go for it! God has blessed you and no man can stop you unless you let them in.

Actions speak!

1st Timothy 4:12 says “don’t let anyone look down on yourself because you are young but be an example for the believers in your speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.” That’s my last point, you don’t need to tell them or try to convince them that you are experienced. You don’t need to shout, scream and cause havoc because they say you are a novice or young. Let your actions speak for you.

Break free from that fear today and as you live on this earth, let your actions through love, conduct, speech (very vital), faith and purity speak on your behalf.


Have a splendid day,








Author: lizakuks

Liza is a student, humanitarian and inspirational blogger and vlogger. Let's keep in touch on any of my social media pages. I am ever ready to chat with you

15 thoughts

  1. I love this piece… I’m such a fearful person… I’m afraid of risks and at some point I blame my age or my lack of experience in so many things but I believe it’s time to let it go… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 😊💪
    Bless you dear 😘

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