I would love to start of by saying thank you to all those who read and shared my first piece on the fear series. I had positive feedback and I really appreciate it.


What will they say if I do this? They will call me names, speak ill and gossip about me. You are so scared to the bones because you will be criticised. This can ruin your chances of making it in 2018. When I was about to start my YouTube channel, there were many occasions where I was scared and doubted myself.

YouTube is a platform full of fashion and makeup gurus and this can be daunting. I used to compare myself to these gurus and considering how I rarely had make up on (don’t have a smooth skin either) I wondered what people will say about my videos. I feared what people will say and how I will be criticised if I say something wrong in my videos.

These thoughts affected my perception as I should have started a while back but due to fear, I am now hitting the road. How did this happen?

Don’t be a people pleaser!

If you want to please everyone in your life, you will be stagnant. This is because no matter what you do, somebody will criticise and have something to say about it. Pleasing everyone around you will neither help you nor guard you in any way. Let’s note that no matter what God did for the Israelites when they came out of Egypt, they still were not pleased. They criticised and spoke against God and his servant Moses- Numbers 21:5. The issue of people not getting pleased didn’t start now hence live your life to please God and stop being scared of what people will say. Criticisms will come but it shouldn’t cripple you to stay at one place rather, it should rather motivate you to move out of your comfort zone.

Do it right and in your own skin

Being criticised in life always happens in one way or the other. My next tip is for you to continue doing what you do and more so, doing it the right way and in your own skin. What do I mean?

Whenever you are criticised, you can either ignore it or take it to improve your life. Sometimes, we are criticised for things we either no nothing about or things we are not guilty of. Here, it’s about you continuing to do what you do because God is the one who has the final say and not human beings. Say thank you, work on them if you can and leave those that have nothing to do with you.

Search deeper and don’t let them get to you

People will always be judgemental. In 1st Samuel 17:33, we realise how David was judged by his brothers and the perception everyone had of him. He came out to fight Goliath and rather for him to be cheered on, he was criticised and judged by how he looked. His stature and physical preparation, disqualified him in the sight of people.

They judged him beforehand. And just like him, you are scared of how people will look at you and how they will gossip about you. This fear should have stopped David, but it didn’t. He had something within. Just like him, you have five smooth stones and a shepherd stick that you can use to channel what’s within you out. Don’t let the fear stop you. Silence those thoughts and people with those amenities you have in your hands. Don’t let them stop you.

Work on your heart and God let then judge

“… I do not judge as people. They look at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.” That’s my last tip. Work on your heart rather than paying attention to those who judge and criticise you. They look at the outside; your fears, failures and weaknesses and use that to judge you, but God looks at your heart. My question is what is within your heart? – envy, jealousy, bitterness or love, peace, kindness, or the fear of God?

Leave all those who criticise you in the hands of God and work on your heart. Serve Him diligently and that way, whatever they would say, would have no effect on you because you know who lives in your heart.

Have an awesome day,






Author: lizakuks

Liza is a student, humanitarian and inspirational blogger and vlogger. Let's keep in touch on any of my social media pages. I am ever ready to chat with you

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