Hello everyone, you are all welcome to my first ever Kookie Convo! Today we will be having a chat with a rising gospel music star who is breaking many bounds. Her zeal for the gospel ministry and winning souls for the kingdom is very applaudable. Get ready to learn a lot about her and her upcoming single that is dropping soon. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we delve into the life of this amazing personality.


Lizakuks: Hello mystery artist. How are you doing?

Efe: I am doing well by God’s grace. I hope all is well with you too.

Lizakuks: I am blessed. Great, can you please reveal your identity to us and tell us a bit about yourself, family and school?

Efe: My name is Efe Grace, born to the Legendary Gospel Musician, Rev Mensah Bonsu. I come from a family of five; my parents, myself and two sisters. I am the eldest. I come from Asante Akyem Agogo in the Ashanti Region and I am a graduate of the Christian Service University with a BBA in Banking and Finance.

Lizakuks: Interesting. So, tell us, how did it all start for you? At what age did you discover your talent?

Efe:  I discovered my talent at a very young age. I realised that I had a strong passion for music. I found ease in learning music and also singing it. Once my dad discovered that I had this gift, he began to give me the necessary training and support. He took me along as a backup vocalist anytime he had ministrations. With that, I had much experience and exposure at a very early age and that has been of great help to me and my ministry. That is how the journey began and this is where I am today by the Grace of God.

Lizakuks: Why gospel music and not any other genre?

Efe: I believe that we were made to worship God and no one else. Whether I like it or not, He gave me this voice to show forth His glory, to be a blessing to His kingdom and to save souls. I have no choice. I am an ambassador of the Heavens, hope you understand what I am saying. I have so much love for God’s work and I just want to make positive impact in the lives of people with this gift. I believe that it is my calling and therefore I certainly do not have any option than to adhere to it. Secondly my papa left a legacy and I am taking over from where he left off.

Lizakuks: Are you currently on any record label?

Efe: I am currently not on any record label.

Lizakuks: Were there times in the beginning where you felt you couldn’t do this because it was so hard? Kindly share some of your challenges with us and how you overcame them.

Efe: In life, we all face challenges in one way or the other. I have had my own share of it. Family issues, relationship issues and all of that. But then, I always remembered the main reason why I started this journey. I am a strong person and I don’t give up so easily. With the help of God, I was able to pull through.

Another challenge that I faced also had to do with a battle of preference; that is choosing between jazz and gospel as a genre of music to pursue. I was doing the two at the same time. Due to this, I had issues at church and with people as well. They saw me in a different way because I was doing jazz alongside gospel music. It got to a point I was really confused as to what to really do. But as I said earlier on, it’s my calling and I have no option. I found my way back in the end.

Lizakuks: What are your thoughts on the Ghanaian gospel music industry? Do you think they are doing enough to spread the word of the cross?

Efe: I think the Ghanaian Gospel industry is doing well to help promote the word across. However, much work is needed since the work can’t be done single handedly by a person or two.

Lizakuks: To the business at hand. Kindly tell us about your upcoming single. What’s the story behind it and when is it dropping?

Efe: My upcoming single is titled ” YEHOWA NE MABAN KESE when translated from the Akan language simply means “The Lord is my strong tower”. And it is actually one of my father’s songs that I am doing a rendition of.

This particular song speaks to my spirit a lot. I know most of us go through hard times in life and mostly, we all need a comforter and a counsellor to rely on. This is a song of assurance to everyone that, irrespective of the challenges that comes your way, you have a God who is working things out on your behalf. 

The release date is supposed to be a surprise and so I would keep that to myself for now.

Lizakuks: Should we be expecting an album any time soon?

Efe: I will urge everyone to expect spirit filled music that serves as a source of comfort and assurance that we have a good God. Yes, you all should expect an album soon.


“Whether I like it or not, He gave me this voice to show forth His glory, to be a blessing to His kingdom and to save souls.”



Lizakuks: What has been your career highlight so far?

Efe:  I was a music director and a praise and worship leader in my former church; Action Chapel International. Getting a certificate in music at Sonnie Badu’s School of Music as well as being featured on some of Dr. Sonnie Badu’s recordings.

Lizakuks: Who is your favourite gospel artiste?

Efe: Jessica Reedy

Lizakuks: Which names have you worked with so far?

Efe:  I have worked with Dr Sonnie Badu, Bryon Cage, Jonathan Nelson, Ohemaa Mercy, Joe Bechem, Quame Gyedu and many others

Lizakuks: If one artiste wants to record with you who would you want it to be and why?

Efe: Jessica Reedy. Her songs are spirit filled and moreover she sings with passion which gives clarity to her music

Lizakuks: Are you married, single or searching?

Efe: Single

Lizakuks: What are your hobbies?

Efe: Singing, reading, dancing and learning new stuff

Lizakuks: What church do you attend?

Efe: Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC)

Lizakuks: Most embarrassing moments?

Efe: Most embarrassing moment was when I forgot my lyrics on stage

Lizakuks: Most controversial moments?

Efe: The controversial moment in my life was when I encountered difficulty in choosing the genre of music to pursue.


Lizakuks: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

Efe: I see my music ministry being heard of all over the continent and making positive and great impact in the lives of people. I see myself fulfilling the purpose to which God created me.

Lizakuks: Any advice to all the youth and upcoming gospel artist out there?

Efe:  The Bible says we should all seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto us. I will urge everyone to first and foremost, ensure that God is involved in every aspect of their lives because He has the best of plans for us. Secondly, I believe humility is one great element in achieving one’s goals and aspirations. I encourage the youth and the upcoming artistes to stay humble no matter what and focus on achieving their dreams.

Lizakuks: Any special thanks?

Efe: Special thanks to God Almighty for His grace and mercies upon my life. A big thank you to my father Rev Mensah Bonsu for leaving such a great legacy for me to take over. I also want to express my gratitude to Rev. Dr Sonnie Badu for his support, guidance and so much exposure to  things related to ministry and beyond. Massive thanks to the SBM family for their love and support and to my team for such an amazing working spirit. Special thanks to Ohemaa Mercy for her guidance and support as well my my big brothers AchieKeys and Oti, the producers of my new single. They have been such a blessing to me and my ministry. Lastly to Ebenezer, Animonyam, and Ike Jnr as well as all my friends and everyone who supports Efe Grace Ministry, I want to say thank you and God bless you all.

Lizakuks: Thank you so much for your time and we pray for more breakthroughs in your life and career. We will be following your ministry closely. God bless you and have a spirit filled day.




Thank you all for being a part of this interview.Hope you have been inspired! Let us all give Efe Grace the necessary support.

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Have a fantastic day,



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  1. Thanks so much Efe.I have learnt a lot from your interview.You are not only gifted but intelligent.Your answers were brief and very simple.And I was wondering if you were in a studio singing the last time you came to World prayer center with Dr Sonnie. The ministration was spirit filled. I have really found inspiration in your interview today.God richly bless you Efe.
    And oh I forgot,Jessica Reedy 😫😫.That lady I love her too .
    God bless you Efe.
    Liza~KUKS deir onaaapo


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