It has been such a long time since I posted any piece and that is because school has taken all the time that I have. Hoping to be back to blogging very soon.

But that doesn’t stop me from giving others the opportunity to shine. So I’ve decided to feature an amazing and vibrant young man who has been writing pieces like the one you are about to read. He posts regularly on Whats app and i am so excited to give him this platform.

His posts will be on Lizakuks from time to time, specifically Mondays. Kindly drop all your thoughts and comments concerning this new section; MOMENT WITH GOD!


Kuks: Good Morning Father!

God: Hello Lizakuks or should I say Kuks for short?

Kuks: Ow, Father I’m cool with any name you choose.

God: Sure, I think I will go with Kuks.

Kuks: Sounds perfect!

God: I must say, I’m impressed with your works nowadays keep it up.

Kuks: Thank you Daddy, you know its by your Grace.

God: So Kuks, what’s the main agenda this morning?

Kuks: Daddy, I was reading Ephesians 5:18 and you said “Do not be drunk with wine because that will ruin you instead; be filled with the holy spirit” so I just came for more insight on this and most importantly, for you to teach me how to be filled with the  Holy Spirit.

God: Wow! You were very close to the answer because I placed it in the next verse.

Kuks: Really?

God: Yeah! The first key to being filled with the Holy Spirit is “Speaking in psalms and hymns and Spiritual songs” (Ephesians 5:19). How do you understand this Kuks?

Kuk: For instance, speaking in psalms to any of my close friends?

God: I knew you’d say that. Other versions translated it that way, but I meant speaking to your self personally. Getting to the realm where you understand the word, appreciate it and can personalise it.

Kuks: Wow! Father tell me more.

God:  All i am saying is that  you should be able to speak out the lyrics of hymns and spiritual songs to yourself in the confines of your room. Hence when you meet in one accord it wouldn’t be about things of the flesh.

Kuks: Mmm! So you mean, if I’m walking to my lecture hall, I can speak Psalm 27:1 to myself that “The Lord is my light and salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid?”

God: Wow! That is right my daughter!  Speak it into existence. I can see you are being filled already.

Kuks: So what’s the next key Daddy?

God: Let’s continue another time my dear Kuks. Don’t worry next time we will spend more time and delve deep into the word. I love you Kuks and have a blessed day

Kuks: I love you too Daddy.


……………………………………………………GOD LOVES US ALL……………………………………



I’m Joseph Abosi, a level 200 undergraduate student at the University of Ghana studying Business Administration. Dancing and listening to Christian hip hop is a hobby. I love God and I have a great passion for teens because I believe they can change the world once they are taught the right things.


Author: lizakuks

Liza is a student, humanitarian and inspirational blogger and vlogger. Let's keep in touch on any of my social media pages. I am ever ready to chat with you

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  1. That was a powerful conversation. Have learned one thing. When we hymms and Psalms, we are being filled and we communicate with God. God bless you


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