Book Review #2: Becoming a Godly Woman

July 7, 2018 lk 3 min read

Book Review #2: Becoming a Godly Woman

July 7, 2018 LK 3 min read

Hope everyone is doing well. Today, I decided to do a book review on one of the books from my summer books bucket list. This was the first book I received as a gift from a dear sister and friend. I had to get all my university work load out of the way, to finally sit and enjoy every bit of this book.
It took me just a day to read it, actually a few hours but I had a lot of notes to make and highlighting to do in this book.
The author Jennifer Akyeampong is a motivational speaker, an author, an entrepreneur and a lady Pastor. I personally follow her on Facebook and Instagram and her positivity and mind set of empowering women, is evidently seen in this book.
I am honestly trying so hard to make this very short, but it seems impossible considering the content of this book. There is too much to learn in every chapter of the book. The book had five chapters and I have decided to pick a portion of the book specifically two chapters that really resonated with me. I do have many aspects of each chapter that I loved but will refer to them in other future pieces that I will be writing.

  1. Who Is A Godly Woman?

A godly woman knows how to make a difference in the world she lives in.

This stood out for me a lot in this chapter because that has been my focus for a while now. Many people have gotten so used to the fact that women are supposed to fit in with everything that they do rather than to stand out. This creates such a limitation for women to break free and make a difference in the world they live in. The author speaks about how for one to make a difference they must be different. This is rarely seen as most women just tend to look around and copy what they see rather than finding themselves and being different in everything that they do.

  1. Characteristics of a Godly Woman

In this chapter, she delves into fifteen characteristics of a Godly woman. Yes fifteen! Such a blessing isn’t it? Please do try and purchase this book as I am only going to mention one characteristic that I really resonated with. This needs to be harboured repeatedly and that is the fact that The Godly Woman is priceless, this relates with a post that I wrote last year, Value of a woman. Most of us, including my self tend to undermine the value we have as women. We can never be bought. There is no currency that can buy a godly woman.  I love how the writer speaks of the payment of bride price because it baffles me when some men think that this is used as a means to buy the woman. I am glad that I read this book to be honest. I will urge you to get it, to attain the other 14 characteristics written about in the book.
Okay, so this is where I stop my self and allow you to get the book and explore deeper into the other chapters of this book such as The Godly Woman You Can Become, The Signs That Follow A Godly Woman and many others.
I enjoyed reading this book and the excitement on my face as I type each word of this book review shows it all. It’s a book that I would love to give to my daughter someday.
A huge kudos to Jennifer Akyeampong, for delving deeper into the proverbs 31 woman and going as far as speaking about some Godly women that we find in our time.
How to get the book:
Kindle version on amazon : BECOMING A GODLY WOMAN
In Ghana: At Frimps Filling Station, Manet Junction or Accra Ridge Church (both Manet and Accra branches)
Kindly get this book and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on it.
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  • Obed Amegatse July 7, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    This is must read book to all women.The whole write up was almost an advertisement. Keep it up lizakuks

    • lizakuks July 15, 2018 at 11:24 pm

      Thank you so much. Yes! A must read

  • Nashvelly July 7, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    God bless you for sharing

  • Nashvelly July 7, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    Nice message. God bless for sharing

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