June 5, 2019 lk 2 min read


June 5, 2019 LK 2 min read

Happy New Month to my Lizakuks Family

Last night, i was lying in bed and thinking of how fast the days have gone by. I mean we are already in June and we are half way through the year.I began to ask myself if i had accomplished anything on the list i had written when the year began. I also asked myself if i was even close to accomplishing any of these things.

Was it too late to do so if i had not ? 

Do you feel it is too late to start building that brand? Too late to get that job or house? Too late to reach any of your goals? 

I also thought of the ill words that i constantly hear people speak of pertaining each of the goals i have ahead of me. Not forgetting that, there were times that i was hard on myself, thinking it could not be done. 

The question then becomes- Is it even possible to accomplish anything when we are already in June? As always i went straight to get my Bible and i was led directly to the book of Nehemiah- a story that relates to building, and this is what i have for you in the month of June

“When Sanballat, Tobiah, and an Arab named Geshem heard what we were planning to do, they laughed at us and said, “What do you think you're doing? Are you going to rebel against the emperor?”
I answered, “The God of Heaven will give us success. We are his servants, and we are going to start building. But you have no right to any property in Jerusalem, and you have no share in its traditions.”

Let them laugh, let them talk, let them mock but look up to God in order to get that goal attained. The God of Heaven will give you success as a Child of a God. They didn’t sit idle as their enemies spoke against them, instead they worked and toiled hard; day and night to get the wall of Jerusalem rebuilt. 

We are in June but it is not too late to start putting much work and effort into the goal that you want to achieve.  This month will be filled with laughter and progress as we set our minds to conquer and fight every hurdle ahead of us in order to rebuild.

Photography by Christabel Adansi


  • Koomson Godfred June 5, 2019 at 8:51 am

    Very inspiring …
    When Nehemiah wanted to build people mocked him,when Zerrubabel wanted to build same thing happened but God told him it not by strength or power. We many a time are affected by what men say but if we listen not to men but God and work hard towards our goal then success will be ours. God really bless you Liz for this wonderful inspiring piece.

    • LK June 6, 2019 at 9:22 am

      God bless you for this insight as well. Means a lot to have you back to contributing to my pieces. Thanks bunch.

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