July 6, 2019 lk 5 min read


July 6, 2019 LK 5 min read
L.K: Hello. How are you doing?

Ken: Hi!  I’m doing well and yourself?

L.K: I am blessed. Can you please introduce yourself, tell us a bit about yourself (family and school)? If someone asks you to describe yourself in three words, what will you say?

Ken: Well, I’m Kenneth Holdbrook, a humble musician who’s passionate about his work. Very ambitious and passion-driven. I actually attended Akwamuman Senior High School. I come from a family of seven; my parents, my four siblings and I. Unfortunately my dad is late. Currently living with my mum and kid sister, I guess that will do for now.Wow, describing myself in three words-Humble, Passionate and Ambitious. 

L.K: Have you always known from childhood that this is what you wanted to do? If not, what did you want to do before?

Ken: Fortunately for me, I have always known that this is what I want to do.

L.K: Lovely. So, at what point did you come to terms with what you want to do?

Ken: Well, after I completed SHS, I realised I wanted to do this full time.

L.K: How has your journey been so far? Can you walk us through your journey?

Ken: It has been good though there has been many ups and downs, God continues to see us through.I started at a young age through the help of my Dad who had interest in music and wanted his sons to also partake. I took interest in drums and here I am today by the Grace of God.

LK: Any regrets so far and what do you think you will do differently, looking at your journey?

Ken: For regrets I will say none but what I would have love to do was to acquire more knowledge in music, that is to further my education in music- definitely going to happen some day.

L.K: Does it mean education is also very important even when you are doing music? There is a perception that it isn't.

Ken:  Yes, education is very important because that way, we tend to acquire knowledge. Let's not forget that knowledge is power.

L.K: Were there times where you felt you couldn’t do this because it was so hard? Kindly share some of your challenges with us and how you overcame them.

Ken: Yeah of course, that will be when I wanted to live as a musician, producer/drummer after working as a banker which wasn’t giving me ample time to do music. It was a bit of a challenge for me because I was thinking of how to sort out bills and other stuff because I knew i wanted to do music full time. When I started things were difficult but with God all things are possible and now it's all working out for my good. I had to stay positive and trust Him.

LK: Is there anyone that you look up to and why?

Ken: Calvin Rodgers, he’s a great drummer and he inspires me a lot.

L.K: As a drummer, do we say you play for both secular and gospel artistes or you play for just one aspect? Any reason for your choice?

Ken: Well as I drummer I play all kinds of music be it secular or gospel but as it stands now I play more gospel. The reason being for now I find myself working with those doing gospel, no chance to work with anyone doing secular yet. 

L.K: What are some of the difficulties you face as a drummer in the music industry?

Ken: Hmm probably will say not securing a band to play with or not getting gigs to play.

L.K: Any upcoming project?

Ken: Yeah working on a couple of things right now which will be coming out soon God willing. For now I have a drum class that I just introduced recently. Drummer's Zone, a one on one drum lessons with me. A way of helping the young ones or anyone interested in drumming.

L.K: Most embarrassing moments in your career?

Ken: (Laugh) There was this major gig I played and whiles playing, I felt dizzy. I actually didn’t eat before the gig started so had to stop during the course of the gig and get something. To be honest, I was lucky that I had a friend there to back me up.

L.K: Any controversial moments?

Ken: None that I can recall.

L.K: What has been your career highlight so far?

Ken: That will be working with Ceccy Twum, an amazing and anointed Woman of God.

L.K: Which names have you worked with so far and which names are you hoping to work with in the future?

Ken: I have worked with a lot and still working with some like Ceccy Twum , Papa Owura and many others.Well, I look forward to working with every artist both secular or gospel.

L.K: If one artist wants to record with you, who would you want it to be and why?

Ken: (Smiles) I’m open to every artiste so far as it entails good music.

L.K: Are you married, single or searching?

Ken:  No please, I’m single.

L.K: What are your hobbies?

Ken: When am not doing music, I like to play video games or watch movies

L.K: What church do you attend?

Ken: ICGC Prayer Temple - North Legon 

L.K: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ken:  Around the world, doing what I do best, that’s music.

L.K: Any advice to all the youth and an upcoming drummer out there?

Ken: Stay positive, work hard and seek the face of God in everything that you do.

L.K: Any special thanks?

Ken: Yes to my mum and siblings for the love and support.To my Pastor and Father Rev. Daniel Ofori Awuku for his selfless love and prayers and to you Lizakuks for having me.

L.K: Thanks, you so much for your time and we pray for more breakthroughs in your life and career. Bless you and have a blessed day

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