September 10, 2019 lk 2 min read


September 10, 2019 LK 2 min read

When I was writing the piece for "Delayed But Not Denied", I got this revelation and I just had to share with you all.
A short piece just to tell you that whatever you are going through isn’t to harm you. When Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown into the furnace, one would have thought that it was their end but it wasn’t.

Many at times we go through things that we think we would not survive, but the bitter truth is that, the fire is meant for you.

The guards who took these men to the furnace got burned, whereas the men who were thrown in it didn’t get burnt (Daniel 3:22). What do I mean? The fact is that, the fire was never  meant for the guards. They were not equipped to
go through it or even near it. Sometimes we need to know that we can’t even go through half of what others go through.

Photograph by: Christabel Adansi
Their cross is not for us to carry, the fire they go through and do not get burnt might get us harmed. These men had a fourth man in the furnace.

In that fire, you are not alone- God is with you. It will be bearable because He is with you. An angel will appear and see you through that fire- finances, marital, job issues that you are going through.
Their hair was not singed, their clothes not burned and no smell of smoke on them (Daniel 3: 27). That is deep and this is your case, Nothing you are going thorough will manifest physically on you.

You will not look like what you have been through. Instead people look at you and will praise your God. They will rather bow to Him and get closer to Him.


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