October 24, 2019 lk 6 min read


October 24, 2019 LK 6 min read

Isaiah Ampadu Asare popularly known as Ekow Ampadu is set to release his new single “Too Much” on the 31st of October, 2019 featuring Tilly Nadeen. This is after his hit song “Gbele Mo Gbe” which was released in 2013. With his many recordings, this single is very much anticipated. It is a beautiful love song that promises to be appealing to both young and older folks.

This single will feature on boomplay, aftown, spotify, google play music, amazon music and YouTube. You have no excuse not to get this song once it is released on the 31st of October.

As we wait patiently for this single, Lizakuks decided to have an interview with our own Ekow Ampadu because we believe in giving exposure to young talented people whose works matter in our everyday lives like music. It was such an honour to get him interviewed.

L.K: Hello Mr Ampadu. How are you doing?

Ekow: I am blessed by Yahweh

L.K: Amazing! Please tell us a bit about yourself, family and educational background. 

Ekow: The name is Isaiah Ampadu Asare, popularly known as Ekow Ampadu. From a family of eleven. I attended Assin fosu D/C "A" in the Central Region and later finished Mastec Advance Institute of Technology in the Greater Accra Region in 2013. 

L.K:  From childhood, have you always known that this is what you wanted to do? If not, what did you want to do before?

Ekow: Initially no. When I was young, many people advised me to go to music school but after my basic education, I wanted to be an engineer. Nonetheless, here am I with singing as a career and this is what I do for a living to fend for myself and my family.

L.K: Wow! At what point did you realise this was what you wanted to do?

Ekow:  Hmm, I didn't know until one young man called Bempa discovered me. He actually heard me singing at home one day and said, “wow, you can sing”. I honestly thought it was just a flattering compliment but he later took me to a friend called Frank Thompson who trained, shaped me and here I am today my dear. 

L.K: Can you kindly walk us through your journey? How has it been so far? 

Ekow: Wow, it's been quite a long one. It all started late 2013 to 2014 at Resurrection Power Living Bread Ministry and still ongoing. So many ups and downs; you sing in church, finish and walk home. I walk home empty handed without getting anything to take home to buy food or good clothes to come and minister again. These same people will call you and complain about your dressing in church. Other times, you go and perform at programs in other countries, with a promise of accommodation being sorted out. Yet still you get there and after performing you end up sleeping on the bare floor and sometimes by the roadside. Obimanso akwentuo, hmm 3y3 ns3m pii. (meaning “A traveller in a foreign land encounters so many problems”) So many things have happened which time won't permit us to talk about but it has not been an easy journey.

LK: Do you have regrets so far, looking back at your journey?

Ekow: Yes quite a few and sometimes it hurts but etre nteeeyaa, ye ngyae 3ky3 hy3 anaa soa (meaning "Once your head is on your neck and hasn’t fallen off, you do not stop wearing a hat"). We're still pushing hard to get to the top and I know hard work pays a lot. 

L.K: Have there been times when you felt you couldn’t do this because it was difficult? Kindly share some of your challenges with us and how you overcame them.

Ekow: So many times but with the help of God Yahweh as well as the motivation from friends, loved ones and families, i keep going and moving higher. There has been times that I faced discrimination but we keep pushing and being positive.

LK: Is there anyone that you look up to and why?

Ekow: Yes, Daddy Lumba, Kwabena Kwabena and Pat Thomas. I like how these men compose songs, sing and the impact they bring to the society through music. I love them so much, not forgetting our own Paapa Nyankson and the same vibes that he brought to the table.

L.K: As a musician, how diverse are you? Do we say you sing both secular and gospel music or just one? And what is the reason for your choice?

Ekow: (laugh), controversial question. I’m a versatile musician, I do both because they are all the gifts of God Yahweh, without love and advice there's no humanity. And without God Yahweh too there's no future for humanity as well, that’s why I sing to thank and praise God.

L.K: Good one Mr Ampadu. What are some of the difficulties you face in the music industry in Ghana?

Ekow: Big question! That would be getting help from promoters and managers. This is very difficult pa pa and ay3 s3 kokofu b)))lob), wo de3 nnim a, y3n pass wo da (literally meaning “Unless you are known, no one favours you”)

 L.K: The main reason for this interview. Kindly tell us about your upcoming single?

Ekow: Yes, aside the numerous recordings I have made, I have a new single, "TOO MUCH" coming out on the 31st of October, 2019. This is a love song which highlights on love and marriage. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I am very excited about this project.


L.K: What are your hobbies?

Ekow: I love watching movies, action movies to be precise. And as you know, listening to music.

 L.K: Any controversial moments?

Ekow: Yes. I actually finished performing and as I was waiting to be paid, I was told to get out else i would be beaten. Also, someone watched my first gospel video (Gbele mo gb3), and called to insult me, for no reason.

L.K: Most embarrassing moments in your career?

Ekow: Falling on stage whiles performing, and people looking down on me because I’m physically challenged, sometimes I get hurt so much but I encourage my self and I keep moving on.

L.K: Which names have you worked with so far and which names are you hoping to work with in the future?

Ekow: I have worked with so many people; Ewurasi of Gyegyme so, Episode Article Wan, Asamoah Gyan and a couple of upcoming artists. I would love to work with my mentors and the legends across borders respectfully. I have great respect and admiration for my predecessors, big ups to them.

L.K: Are you married, single or searching?

Ekow: Married

LK: What church do you attend?

Ekow: Living Yahweh 7th Days Sabbath Assemblies.

L.K: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ekow: Counting myself as an accomplished musician and being a household name probably with befitting awards if my God Yahweh sees me through.

L.K: Any advice to all the youth and an upcoming musician out there?

Ekow: Yeah, stay out of drugs, don’t be flirtatious and avoid drinking. Have respect for everyone and above all never look down on yourself, be courageous and push hard towards your life’s goal. The same goes to all physically challenged talents across the world as well, don't allow your society to influence you negatively. I was a victim of dejection, but I have become very courageous.

L.K: Any special thanks?

Ekow: Yes, to my God Yahweh, my wife, children, friends, families, loved ones, my church and everybody who has contributed one way or the other to my career. I say thank you Yahweh bless you all. The list goes on and on, I salute you Bosspi, my brother.

L.K: Thanks, you so much for your time and we pray for more blessings in your life and career. God bless you and have a blessed day.

Ekow: Thank you too for having me, I'm honoured.


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